On the Boards

Hopedale Medical Center Chapel, Adaptive ReUse - Hopedale, IL

353 Court, Restaurant & Office Redevelopment - Pekin, IL

Build Peoria Officer Residence, Renovation - Peoria, IL

Calvert Residence - Princeton, IL

Little City, Block 89 New Construction - CL Enterprises - Ottawa, IL

Pilgrim Park Camp & Conference Center Addition & Renovation - Princeton, IL

801-805 1st St. Maytag Retail & Lofts Redevelopment & New Const. - LaSalle, IL

Euclid Ave. Residential, Redevelopment - Princeton, IL

Church St. Residential, Redevelopment - Princeton, IL


BHE Walnut Ridge Wind Farm Offices - Sheffield, IL

ARTworks at Westclox Interior Upfit - LaSalle, IL

City of Peru Police Station Property Conditions Assessment - Peru, IL

Spoons Restaurant, Renovation - Princeton, IL

Village of Ohio Library, Facade Improvement - Ohio, IL

The Flats at Elm Place Redevelopment - Princeton, IL

Storage Building - Utica, IL

Rheumotology Associates, Renovation - Charleston, SC

Tumbleston Photography Studio, Renovation - Goose Creek, SC

G&S Supply Office and Warehouse, New Construction - N. Charleston, SC

Save-A-Lot, Redevelopment - North Charleston, SC

V-Go Food Mart, Addition - Charleston, SC

Hamilton Consignments Storage Facility, Historic Preservation - Charleston, SC

*PeopleMatter Office, Redevelopment - Charleston, SC

*Global Reach Grille, Redevelopment - Scott Air Force Base, IL

Subway Franchise, New Construction - Orangeburg, SC

*The Marshlands House, Historic Preservation - Fort Johnson at James Island, SC

*Clearwave Communications Office Building, Redevelopment - Marion, IL

McKeown Internation, Life Safety Compliance & Facade Concepts - Princeton, IL

Carrier Classic aboard the Yorktown Aircraft Carrier, Life Safety Compliance & Court Layout - Charleston, SC

*Bureau Valley High School, As-Builts - Sheffield, IL


Custom Residential

Hornbaker Residence, New Construction - Princeton, IL

Rivertowne Residence, New Construction - Mt. Pleasant, SC

Hammond's Ferry Residence, New Construction - Augusta, SC

Indigo Island Reserve Residence, New Construction - Hanahan, SC

Grassy Creek Residence, New Construction - Mt. Pleasant, SC

Shadowmoss Residence, New Construction - Charleston, SC

River Oak Residence, New Construction - Mt. Pleasant, SC

Wild Dunes Residence, Addition & Renovation - Isle of Palms, SC

Sullivan's Island Residence, Addition & Renovation - Sullivan's Island, SC

Old Village Residence - Addition, Renovation,  ADU - Mt. Pleasant, SC 

Cooper Estates Residence, Addition & Renovation - Mt. Pleasant, SC


*indicates work done as a project team member while employed by another firm.